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Hampoo is an expert in PCB Design and PCB manufacturing. We focus on PCB Design and its value-added services like SI, EM, PI, Thermal, DFM analysis, and etc. We also offer on-stop solution for electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

Our designs covernetwork communication, industrial control, energy, medical care, precise instrument, aerospace, automotive electronics, and IC test platform (ATE PCB Layout).The PCB Design layer count is up to 40 layers. The signal speed we have ever designed is up to 14Gbps with 100cm differential routing length.

Currently Hampoo has more than 200 employees, serving over 3000 customers in more than 30 countries. Our customers are from some global famous enterprises like Intel, GE, FreeScale, BroadCom (Netlogic), Marvell, Ericsson, HuaWei and so on.

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