Business introduction
  • Hampoo has ten years of professional design experience, complete flow system, and perfect technical support business
  • Support mainstream design tools in the industry: Allegro,Pads,and Mentor Expedition
  • Design type: high-speed, analog, analog-digital mixed, high-density, high-voltage, high-power, RF, back plate, ATE, flexible board, rigid-flexible board, and aluminum substrate, etc.
  • Meet customers' requirements in design, progress, cost, materials, production technology, limitation, reliability, and safety, etc.
  • Hampoo take the lead in the high-speed design and have profound research and technical accumulation on high-speed material.
  • Hampoo has complete DFX simulation system and take a full consideration in production problems at the early design stage
Design capability
Design capability Designed value
Number of maximum design layers 40 layers
Number of maximum PINs 60000
Minimum BGA space 0.4mm
Line width/line distance 2mil/2mil(HDI)
High-speed differential pair design 2009 10Gbps,76cm
2012 14Gbps,100cm
2013 28Gbps,10.6cm
Delivery capability
Number of PINs for a single board Delivery time of design(work day)
0-1000 3-5
2000-3000 5-7
4000-5000 8-12
6000-7000 12-15
8000-9000 15-18
10000-13000 18-20
14000-15000 20-22
16000-20000 22-30
Ultimate delivery capacity 10,000pin/6days
Business type
Standard architecture and board design
ATCA,MTCA,CPCI,VPX,FMC,AMC,PCIE板卡,标准3U,6U板卡 X86(服务器, PC, 平板),ARM(Samsung,TI,
Qualcomm…) ATCA, MTCA, CPCI, VPX, FMC, AMC, and PCIE board, standard 3U and 6U boards
X86(server, PC, plate),and ARM(Samsung, TI, Qualcomm…)
High-speed interconnecting interface design
Interlaken,XFI,SFI,SGMII,TMDS, 10GBASE-KR, InfiniBand QDR/FDR,CEI-6G/11G/25G/28G, CAUI
Analog-digital mixed design
High-speed digital acquisition card and small signal processing detection HD video,
conference video, monitor (VGA, HDMI, and TMDS) Audio-video equipment, STB and VOIP
RF design
RF amplifier, frequency converter, frequency mixer, antenna, 2G/3G module, and GPS Wlan,
Wifi, Bluetooth, Wlan, Wifi, Bluetooth,remote sensing, and telemetering
High voltage and high power design
Industrial power supply and servo motor
HDI board design
1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3
1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3 stack-up design
(MTK, Samsung, TI, Intel… )
1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3 stack-up design
ATE design
Teradyne: j750,Catalyst,Tiger,IFlex,UFlex,J973
Verigy: 93K(512 CH & 1024 CH),83K
Credence: Quartet,LT1101,SC212,Sapphire D10
Advantest: T668X T2000 T6575
LTX: Fusion CX/HFi
Package substrate design
Rigid organic package substrate
Flexible packaging substrate
Ceramic package substrate
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