PCB library design
    High Accuracy: According to customer datasheet or physical parts, following with IPC-7351 library design specification, we build the part PCB library with simulation verification and physical verification. The part library format can be provided with Cadence Allegro, Pads and Mentor Expedition.
    High Efficiency: Some automated programs are embedded into EDA tools, which help to improve work efficiency, shorten design cycle time, and reduce the risk of human error.
    Diversification: Referring to the package library design from mainstream companies in the industry, and based on the library platform service specification of various large companies, we have nearly about 100,000 package library data.
Schematic diagram library design
    According to customer datasheet and requirement, we create schematic symbol library in ORCADCapture, HDL, etc.
Library conversion among different EDA software
    We provide lossless conversion services of package library and PCB Design among Allegro, Expedition, Pads and Altium Designer. To ensure zero error after conversion, we will do the one-to-one comparison.
Capture CIS database management
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