Working philosophy:

    Processes related to production have been considered since product planning and project approval, with the deliberation of product uses and other factors, boards, components and parts, and structures, etc. are optimally selected in consideration of their costs, efficiency, and quality, etc., especially Layout with one board shall abide by the selection. In addition, comprehensive check and amendment on boards shall be conducted with various kinds of simulation software during design so as to ensure first yield rate from design to production and significantly improve DFM, saving time, materials, and cost.

    The method with DFM philosophy can effectively reduce trial production times and speed up R&D cycle.The key to the success of PCB Design trial production is taking more problems in consideration during preliminary design.
    Schematic diagram stage
Parts option (performance cost)
Basic process route (cost and quality)
Board selection (performance and cost)
Board appearance (including jointed board design)
    Package library stage
Soldering way (package type)
Stencil shape
Silkscreen contents
Practical verification
    Layout stage
Even layout
Polarity and consistency
Soldering way and direction
Putting order
In consideration of heat dissipation
In consideration of maintenance
DFM software(Valor)simulation
    Routing stage
Line width/Line distance
Copper area shape
Hole design and selection
Stack-up design
In consideration of impedance
Residual copper, heat dissipation and bending, etc.
DFM software(Valor)simulation
    File presentation stage
DFM software(Valor)simulation
Network short/open circuit check
Process description
Surface treatment
Category and format
PCB factory EQ confirmation
    Trial production stage
Trial production following
Problem recording
Problem sorting and feedback
Evaluation and revision advices
Volume production transfer
Hampoo DFM software(Valor)simulation system
    Simulation parameters:
    a. Industry division: mobile phone /tablet, computer main board, backboard, home appliance, military products, and automobile......
    b. Production mode division: solder reflow, local crest, entire crest, SMT adhesive, compression joint, and manual welding...........
    c. Production environment division: PCB fabrication, FPC fabrication, PCBA patch, stencil shape and manufacturing... ...... ......
    Simulation method:
    Complete one-click automation. All you need is uploading a file, then the system will automatically complete the entire analysis and send a report to your mailbox. User can read the report in EDA software via a plug-in program, and the report is synchronously displayed with PCB Design view for straight comparison and design amendment.
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