Business overview

    EMC and reliability are playing an increasingly important role in life cycles of electronic products. Since electronic products produce electromagnetic interference or radiation on other electronic products during use and suffer electromagnetic interference from other electronic products, this is not only related to the reliability and safety of electronic products, but also affects the normal running of other electromagnetic interference, even leads to safety dangers.

    The internal circuits of electronic products have higher requirements on PCB with basic frequency improvement, routing density increase, wide applications of analog-digital mixed circuits, and product volume reduction, Via-holes and through-holes exit on the geoelectrical plane frequently used for segmentation, which leads to the uncertainty of return current, produces common-mode noises, and therefore possibly produces Delta-I noise, ground bounce, or transient exchanged noise. As the increase of radiation noise, the produced electromagnetic interference between signal and signal, system and system increases seriously, which will affect system stability and even lead to function failure?

    As a key to the market, abundant EMC rules were made by Hampoo, eradicating any potential problems at the early design stage.

EMC design
    Hampoo provide EMC design service for customers in new design. We will consider all potential problems to meet the entire EMC design requirements at the early design stage.

  • Clock module layout
  • Clock routing treatment
  • Power supply and signal line layout
  • Interface protection and filtering
  • Grounding treatment
  • Shielding treatment
EMC rectification
    According to the problems found in client product EMC test, Hampoo will propose rectification plans, mainly focus on interference sources, sensitive
    equipment, and coupling paths, and combine with problems presented in actual test to put forward rectification advices and make rectification.
EMC test
    Hampoo is able to assist customers in completing a series of EMC test on products and give advices on problems arise.
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