Business introduction
    It is not simple any more to supply power on the chip on PCB. As the running speed and technology of the chip are improved, the lower source impedance is required.
    Simple network could not solve problems any more. The power network needs planar capacitors and a large quantity of capacitors with different capacitances to reduce the impedance.
    As system functions become more and more complicated integration level higher and higher, along with cost control, and PCB routing area reduction, the power supply has smaller and smaller room in design.
    Therefore, it is a great challenge for high-speed design to design a satisfactory power distribution network under the limited conditions.
    The power network design directly influences the stability of the entire system.
    With rich experiences in the design of large current power network and in combination with the existing simulation means, Hampoo can discover preliminary risks in design at the early design stage, optimize layouts of parts and power module, copper sheet quantity, and capacitor distribution, etc., so as to ensure the reliability of power network.
IR-Rrop analysis
    When the current flows in copper sheets, voltage drop always occurs as a result of copper sheet resistance. The voltage drop may be determined by the simulation software and voltage change may be compensated by means of selection of proper feedback points.
Current density
    As current distribution is uneven on the copper sheet and via-hole, over high local current density shall be prevented, otherwise, it may burn the board. Simulation can rapidly position areas with high current density, which helps you to make correction at the early design stage.
Planar resonance analysis
    Power plane and GND plane compose a resonant cavity, which may produce space resonance under the excitation of high frequency. Strong interference
    may be produced if key parts are placed near resonance points. Key parts shall be placed away from planar resonance points, especially those close to
    working frequency points of parts. Simulation may easily determine the existence of such resonance points.
PDN impedance analysis
    In order to meet the input requirement, the power network shall keep low impedance within certain bandwidth scope. Simulation may be used to analyze
    the performance of power network.
Capacitor quantity optimization (Cost down)
    It is difficult to get a reliable reference to capacitor quantity only by experience. However, simulation can rapidly get an effective power solution by
    iterating capacitor quantity, distribution, and cost.
SSO power noise simulation
    The power will fluctuate in a certain range when multipath signal output meanwhile, and superpose to the signal for propagation, resulting in SSO noise.
    By means of joint simulation, we can analyze the influence to the signal quality by the planar noise of power supply.
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